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Latest Themes sites provide the various mobile theme, especially nokia theme and sonyericsson theme download.

Nokia theme, mostly the nokia theme is for Symbian Series 60/80/90 and the compatible phone such as nokia 6600, nokia 3230, nokia 6620, nokia 7610, nokia 6680, nokia 6630. For the Symbian Series Third Edition the nokia theme support for nokia N70, nokia N90, nokia N91, N73, N80.

Sonyericsson theme, sonyericsson theme support for almost sonyericsson phone from the old phone like sonyericsson T610, T616, T618, T630 Themes, and the new phone like sonyericsson K700, K500, Z600, K750i, P910i, P900, P900i, W550, W550i, W600i, W600i, W810, W810i, W800, W800i themes.

G Unit
User Rating: / 12
Written by Administrator   
G Unit
A special design of nokia theme, nice theme.
Gun & Knife
User Rating: / 18
Written by Administrator   
Gun & Knife
Use Gun and knife as your phone theme, great idea
Guns N Roses
User Rating: / 20
Written by Administrator   
Guns N Roses
Cool theme, don't miss it.
N70 Guns
User Rating: / 14
Written by Administrator   
N70 Guns
Come again another version of Gun's theme, nice.
User Rating: / 32
Written by Administrator   
Nice Gitar, I hope you will like it.
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How to Smooth Smart Movie Setting

Sometimes we want to convert our video files to a small size, usually I use the Smartmovie Converter, but to find the quality balanced and smooth result is take too much time for me. Finally, I found the good tutorial to configuration the setting. This is the step below:

Download ffdshow from google searches, its free
Install Smartmovie Converter
In smartmovie, change the encoder from xvid to ffdshow and configure it in this way:
Max keyframe interval 254
Min keyframe 1
One pass quality based-%70 i recommend
Audio: 32 kbps 16000hz

Try it, u will the the difference.. 


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