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Nokia theme, mostly the nokia theme is for Symbian Series 60/80/90 and the compatible phone such as nokia 6600, nokia 3230, nokia 6620, nokia 7610, nokia 6680, nokia 6630. For the Symbian Series Third Edition the nokia theme support for nokia N70, nokia N90, nokia N91, N73, N80.

Sonyericsson theme, sonyericsson theme support for almost sonyericsson phone from the old phone like sonyericsson T610, T616, T618, T630 Themes, and the new phone like sonyericsson K700, K500, Z600, K750i, P910i, P900, P900i, W550, W550i, W600i, W600i, W810, W810i, W800, W800i themes.

Black n Silver III v02 for N80 - No Icons Included
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Written by Administrator   

Compiled into two flavours (with or without icons)

Version 02:
- Updated Active Menu top bar
- Updated Music Player controls
- Compiled into two flavours (with or without icons)

Known Issues:
- On N80 gives warning during install may not be compatable with phone (works fine and unistalls fine also). Nokia's own N80 add on themes made with TS3 such as Crimson Tide and Induce Vault also give such warnings).
- Noticed some third party apps are still not using/referring to correct theme text colour or allowing text colur change in their settings. Most for N80 that I have tried now include the right text colours or options but one I found such as myweather does not. Minor thing.
- Possibly some otherminor colour/text issues but thats common to many themes especially when using solid black backgrounds. Overall I have worked around many issues to provoide a solid working black theme.


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